Murilla Gorilla: Jungle Detective

Big news!!

Elaborating on my earlier post about Murilla Gorilla, I had a really amazing opportunity come my way in fall 2011.

Just after moving to Vancouver, I got in touch with local publisher Simply Read Books. They specialize in children's literature and have a fantastic list of authors and illustrators under their name. I wanted to work on a book with them, and thankfully they wanted to work on a book with me too. The story turned out to be Murilla Gorilla: Jungle Detective, and it is the first in a series!

Jennifer Lloyd is the award winning author who wrote Murilla Gorilla. She's based out of Quebec, and has written titles such as One Winter Night and Looking for Loons. Her latest story follows the adventures and mishaps of Murilla as she tries to solve a case for her friend, Ms. Chimpanzee.

Simply Read Books has been amazing to work with and everyone there is super passionate about what they do. I spent a good chunk of 2012 working with them to develop the characters and illustrations, so it feels great to finally have it come together!

Murilla Gorilla: Jungle Detective is officially out in bookstores late spring 2013. I'll be updating with more details here and on my tumblr. I'll probably be blabbing about it on my twitter too.

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